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For Individuals

We offer several opportunities to suit your level of interest, schedule, and budget. Take a look, and if you still don’t see what you want, just ask.

Wee DRUM Ages 2-4


Wee DRUM Ages 2-4

Students and parents learn to play together in our hands-on percussion & drumming class specifically designed for the youngest drummers. Everyone loves drums, but we especially love using drums as the vehicle to help children develop important life skills like sharing, patience, listening, and focus.

Tuition: $65/ month

Explorations in Rhythm Ages 5-15


Explorations in Rhythm Ages 5-15

Structured similar to a general music class, students are given an engaging, hands-on introduction to the wide world of percussion and rhythm from across the globe. These exploratory classes are an excellent opportunity to test the waters before making a greater commitment to lessons and performing ensembles. Students already studying another instrument will broaden their skills and experience while building a more solid foundation in rhythm that is transferable and essential to success on any instrument. Students with no previous musical experience will enjoy learning and creating in a fun, exciting new environment. Students may repeat classes or move on to others as they are ready. Semester 1 beginning August 29, 2017; semester 2 beginning January 9, 2018.

Tuition: $260/ semester (billed in 2 quarterly payments of $130)

Lessons Ages 5+


Lessons Ages 5+

Traditional one-on-one or small group lessons available for those ready to commit to more formal study. Students work to develop greater in-depth understanding and facility on the instruments and topics of their choosing. Many students choose to pursue a path of “total percussion”, learning about the percussion family as a whole (orchestral percussion, ethnic or world percussion, drum set, keyboard percussion, etc.), while others prefer to focus on one specific instrument or family (marimba, drum set, hand percussion, etc.). Regardless of your interest, we will work with you to design a course of study to best help you reach your goals. Lessons are offered in the traditional, one-on-one, format, and small group (3-5 students), pending availability. Lessons meet 1hr/week beginning September 4.

Tuition: $180/ month Individual Students (5-17 yrs) | $135/ month Small Group Students | $225/ month Individual Adult Students (18+)

World Percussion Ensemble by Director Approval


World Percussion Ensemble by Director Approval

Students serious about playing and performing learn a vast repertoire of traditional & contemporary music, then perform at events in our community & beyond. Students learn to play traditional and contemporary music on authentic percussion instruments from around the world, including the Americas, Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Students rehearse 2 hrs, one day/week. At times it may become necessary to hold additional rehearsals (ie. dress rehearsal), however this is done sparingly. World Percussion Ensemble membership is open to students currently enrolled in Private Lessons or another class, and subject to current openings and successful audition/Director’s approval. 2 hr rehearsals once a week throughout calendar year beginning September 1.

Tuition: $300 Annual Membership Fee (billable in 2/month payment plan or 10% discount when paid in-full)

DRUM for Adults Ages 18+


DRUM for Adults Ages 18+

Weekend warriors unite!  Drumming isn’t just for kids – join us for a fun and exciting opportunity to tap into your inner rhythm with other enthusiasts looking to explore new musical territory. No experience or instruments required. Classes meet once a week.

Tuition: $50/ month

How Do I Choose?

Interested in introduction to percussion & music; learning about various instruments & options.Some experience on other instruments & ready to learn about percussion.
We recommend: Explorations in Rhythm

Ready to commit to specific area of study. Prefer individualized instruction. Really want to focus on drum set.
We recommend: Private Lessons

Looking for serious performing opportunities to do more and share my skills with others in exciting new events & venues.
We recommend: World Percussion Ensemble

Fun class where I can also learn while experiencing music with my little one.
We recommend: Wee DRUM

Fun class where I can unwind after work, and socialize with other adults interested in playing drums and percussion. A chance to rekindle the playing you did in your past life. No prior experience or instruments required.
We recommend: DRUM for Adults

For Schools (including Homeschool) & Other Organizations

We offer many opportunities for active learning and playing, customized to fit your specific needs. Here are a few of our most popular offerings that have served schools, museums, churches, and businesses throughout the Upstate. Opportunities for all ages, including toddlers, adults, seniors, those with special needs, and anyone in between!

Spotlight Series

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Spotlight Series Ages 5-14

Designed and scheduled with Homeschool students and families in mind, the Spotlight Series is a three-part, hands-on series that focuses on a different area or topic each month. Students will learn about percussion and music fundamentals while making connections to topics and curriculum outside of music such as Math, Science, Reading, Writing, Art, Social Studies, and more. Spotlight Series sessions meet the first three Thursdays of each month for 1 hr.

Tuition: $65/ series


Edu-tainment Assembly

Entertaining, educational programs designed to deliver interactive, performance-based presentation to larger audiences in an assembly format. Programs are flexible and custom tailored to fit the needs of each unique school program and their goals. Popular topics include: Meet the Percussion Family; Exploring Music & Percussion from Around the World; Music of (fill in the blank).

Fee: 1 Presentation (up 45 minutes, maximum audience 250 students), $250
Additional performances scheduled back-to-back, $100 each


DRUM Together

Camp 27

DRUM Together

Students (and teachers) work together to play a wide range of drums and other percussion instruments. In our most hands-on offering, students combine social skills (listening, patience, sharing, and focus) with individual creativity and self-expression. Adaptable to any age, and especially beneficial to those who could use a little boost of self-esteem, or help navigating social situations. This program works well as an enrichment activity for gifted and talented students, those with special needs, or just a fun after school offering.

Fee: 2 Back-to-Back Sessions (up to 30 minutes each, maximum 12 students), $150; Additional sessions scheduled back-to-back, $50 per 30 minute session. Available at a discounted rate for recurring weekly or monthly sessions during the day or after school.


World Percussion Petting Zoo

World Percussion Instrument Petting Zoo

Explore a vast array of authentic percussion instruments from around the world. Jason leads students in a short presentation to introduce and demonstrate instruments, then students are invited to examine up close. Under teacher/adult supervision, students may handle and try instruments.

Fee: 1 Presentation (up 45 minutes, maximum audience 30 students), $200
Additional presentations scheduled back-to-back, $75 each



Artist in Residence

A-i-R programs are flexible and custom tailored to fit the needs of each unique school program and their goals. Typically A-i-R programs run 1-5 days, and offer hands-on participation for all students in a more intimate, classroom setting. Some popular topics include: STEAM!; Music & Cultures from Around the World;  Old Stuff, New Sounds (fostering creativity & recycling). No two residencies are the same, and we love creating new programs, so just let us know how we can best serve your school community.

Fee: Pricing is based on overall schedule, including length of stay and classes served. As a guide: $300/ half-day, $500/ full-day. Please call or email to discuss your specific situation.


Music for Dancers

M4D (Music for Dancers: A Dancer’s Working Guide to Music), created by Jason Currin has been integrated into the year-round curriculum at South Carolina Governor’s School for the Arts & Humanities, and many private dance studios and conferences throughout the region.

Fee: Single Day M4D Workshop (3 hrs), $350
Single Day M4D Workshop + Modern Dance Class (4 hrs, includes add’l dance instructor), $600
5 Sessions M4D (2 hrs each), $1,200
5 Sessions M4D + Modern Dance Class (3 hrs each, includes add’l dance instructor), $2,000
Opt Culminating Presentation & Demonstration with Q&A (30 min), $100


Professional Development and Teacher Training


Professional Development and Teacher Training

Fun & educational lessons for teachers & students. Special emphasis on building social skills, student engagement, and enhancing classroom curriculum.

Please call or email to discuss your specific situation.


For Special Events


For Special Events

Looking for a fun and memorable way to celebrate your special event? We’ve got you covered! From intimate birthday parties to large-scale conferences, conventions, festivals, parades, openings, and training sessions we’ve done it all & do it like NO ONE ELSE! Let’s talk about how we can tailor a program to fit your needs. Please call or email to discuss your specific situation.


How Do I Choose?

Seeking exciting new Homeschool (daytime) opportunities that combine percussion and music fundamentals while making connections to topics and curriculum outside of music such as Math, Science, Reading, Writing, Art, Social Studies, and more.
We recommend: Spotlight Series

Learn about and explore many unique world percussion instruments in a classroom setting.
We recommend: World Percussion Instrument Petting Zoo

Ensemble playing in an environment that cultivates student creativity and confidence while working on team work, listening, and focus.
We recommend: DRUM Together

Hands-on participation for students in an intimate classroom setting that allows students to work in-depth on a particular project or topic for one or more days.
We recommend: Artist in Residence

Performance-based presentation for a large, assembly audience.
We recommend: Edu-tainment Assembly

Additional Offerings Include

  • Classes on-location for schools & organizations
  • Special Needs Classes and Programs
  • Homeschool Classes and Programs
  • Workshops & Summer Camps