DRUM Percussion Studio, 5 Morgan Way, Greenville, SC 29615

Located on the Eastside of Greenville, DRUM Percussion Studio is located in a detached building at the residence of Jason Currin. Our 900SF studio houses a wide array of instruments in a well-equipped teaching facility. Nearby Pelham Rd. offers plenty of options to pass the time while waiting on students, including shopping centers, Starbucks, and Pelham Rd. Library. Feel free to park in the driveway, being mindful of other guests and residents.

Registration, Payment and Discounts

Each family will be assessed an annual $15 registration fee. This fee covers all students under one family account for the duration of the school year.

Payment for all classes is due at time of registration. Enrollment is not complete until payment has been processed.

Payment for all classes/lessons with monthly tuition is due on or before the 25th of each month, either by online payment or by cash/check delivered in person. Ex: Tuition for the month of March should be paid, in-full no later than February 25. Checks should be made out to DRUM Percussion Studio. Please refer to Course Offerings for full details on courses and tuition.

Each family will receive a 10% discount for multiple classes purchased under the same family.


In order to maintain a position in the current roster:

  1. Student must be enrolled with all payments up to date
  2. Student must continue to fulfill all expectations in class and home practice

Failure of either may result in student being dropped from roster.

Cancellation/ Make-up Policy/ Change in Schedule

Lessons or classes missed or cancelled with less than 24 hours notice will not be made up and no refund will be given. Make-ups will be held in a workshop format (see website for make-up workshop schedule). All students are permitted to attend one make-up workshop per month for lessons/classes missed in previous month . Pre-registration is required for a make-up workshop and arrangements are the responsibility of the parent or student and must be made within one week of cancellation. Additional absences are at the discretion of the student and will not be made up. Should the need for a change in schedule arise it may be possible to switch lesson times, however advance notice is required. In the event of cancellation by the DRUM instructor for which no substitute instructor is available, DRUM will make every effort to provide advance notice and classes will be rescheduled.


Students are expected to be on-time and prepared for meetings each week. This includes having all materials and proper warm-up before lessons/classes start. Learning and perfecting music performance requires work, and lots of it. Just like athletic training, to see results requires constant work, and when you take time off, it shows. Lessons are an investment that cost a lot of money, so make every penny count!


I have read the information and understand the policy on lessons/classes, payment and make-ups.

I understand all payments are due in advance, according to the agreed-upon schedule, and that failure to pay on time may result in student being dropped from the roster.

I understand lessons missed or cancelled with less than 24hrs notice will not be made-up and no refund will be given.  


I understand my expectations as a student and will work hard to be prepared and excel each week.

Photo Consent

Permission is hereby granted to DRUM Percussion Studio/ Jason Currin to make or have made photos or other recordings of the undersigned and to publicize and/or display such photographs and recordings to benefit DRUM Percussion Studio. Additionally, I acknowledge and understand that by granting such permission, DRUM Percussion Studio, its employees or agents, are not violating any rights to privacy that I may have and that I waive and release DRUM Percussion Studio/ Jason Currin from any and all causes of action or liability associated with the use of photos or other recordings.